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Accelerate Trade Cash Flows

Visibility & Control of B2B Transactions


Get paid on time, reduce your transaction costs, ensure compliance, preserve relationships


Reduce your transaction costs, ensure compliance, respect your agreements, gain flexibility


Reduce risks and deal costs, ensure compliance, optimise credits, expedite claims and contract closures

TradinLoop is an innovative commercial transaction orchestration platform which bridges the gaps in operations, payments and Trade Finance and results in accelerated CashFlows

The benefits to all parties involved (buyer, seller & sub-contractors, agents, financiers and trade credit insurers) are radically reduced processing cost & times, improved cash flows, visibility on status, performance, compliance with laws & regulations as well as comprehensive tracing in support of financial, controls, fiscal, AML, statutory and ESG auditing & reporting. 

TradinLoop contributes to sustainability and to bridging the $2.5 trillion Global Trade Finance Gap by facilitating and optimizing trade finance.

Empowering CFOs 

Transforming Commercial Transactions

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Commercial Timely Payment Initiative (CTPI)

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Use Cases


Use case 1: SELLER

A medium sized seller is struggling with its cash situation and top executives cannot get a reliable cash flow forecast; customers are delayed in paying without a full understanding of why. 

Sales, Finance and Operational managers are mandated to chase overdue invoices, draining time away from their normal duties and trying to find a balance between strongly requesting payments which are crucial for the short-term financial health of the company and maintaining the relationship with customers which are crucial for the medium-term revenues.

TradinLoop can be introduced with no interference with the existing IT of the company nor of its customers so as to progressively reach the hold-up point of each overdue transaction and drive the dunning process with the relevant stakeholders at the customers and their payment provider. 

The results are made accessible to all relevant layers of management (operational and finance managers up to top executives) of both the company and its customers. Problems fixed, collection cost much reduced and relationships preserved!

Use case 2: BUYER

At a corporate buyer equipped with a full ERP suite, the late payments to suppliers are reaching a breaking point of bankruptcy risk for key suppliers and are consuming large amount of time from top executives.  

However, processes and systems are so complicated that the exact transaction statuses and delay causes are difficult to identify leading to few timely resolutions.  

After an initial in-depth diagnostic using process mining techniques, root causes are identified and TradinLoop can be added to the existing IT of the buyer so as to overcome process dysfunctions, pragmatically address the delegation of authority challenges, complete the digital thread end-to-end and provide not only the visibility on each transaction status but also push for the required decisions with the relevant stakeholders with approval authority. 

The results are made accessible to all relevant layers of management (from operational managers to finance managers and top executives) of both buyer and sellers. Problems fixed, process durably upgraded, cash flows restored, visibility secured and relationships preserved!


Use case 3: FINANCIER

A trade financier is conducting an internal audit of its risk exposure on all its factoring contracts. It turns out that over 60% of end client payments are delayed, increasing the risk of payment past due date or defaults.

Further investigation reveals that the trustworthiness of most of the invoices cannot be fully ascertained; indeed, these invoices are not backed by a perfect alignment of contracts, valid P.Os and documented Goods receipt notes. It means that these invoices are unlikely to get paid on time in full, leading to extra cost, possibly litigation and thus damaging relationships.

TradinLoop can be introduced with no interference with the existing IT of sellers and buyers so as to assess the status, identify the root causes, evaluate the value at risk of each overdue transaction and either drive the dunning process or direct the sellers and buyers towards practical solutions and decisions for fast resolutions. The statuses and results are made accessible to all relevant layers of management of sellers, buyers and managers at the trade financier. Problems fixed, value at risk greatly reduced, balance sheet clarified and relationships preserved !



Trade Credit Insurers grapple with a surge in overdue invoices outside of bankruptcy cases, leading to unmanageable workloads, prolonged policy and claim processing, limiting trade through constraining discretionary credit limit (DCL) leading to frustrated clients.

TradinLoop, introduced early in transactions, qualifies deals and ensures timely payments through the automation of the hundreds of processes and communications needed to take friction out of the commercial transactions. TradinLoop can also manage a soft-touch dunning process, preserving relationships while ensuring payments.

TradinLoop enables insurers to manage workloads effectively, expedite case processing at reduced costs, and maintain client relationships. It mitigates problems, prevents bad debt, and enhances client satisfaction.

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